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Goals for 2020 - Manifest the Reality

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

2019 was an amazing year for me in my career; I appeared on TV for the first time, I booked my first ever Equity theatre show(s), made commercials (one shot in JAPAN), produced a short film, and made more money than I ever had before. It definitely feels as though I have some momentum going into 2020 and I am going to hit the ground running. With that now comes some planning on what I want and how to get there. I believe, like really actually believe, that when you write something down and hold the intention for it with constant attention, the universe makes that intention into a reality. For 2020, these are the intentions that I am going to hold:

1. Co-star on a TV show. That’s where it begins for the television actor so let’s start there. As many of them as humanly possible, I’ll start with one. Then let's see where it goes from there.

2. Book a play. I love doing theatre more than almost anything in the world. I am happiest when I’m working on plays and I can’t wait to see what the next one will be.

3. Book a national commercial. Let’s make it happen.

4. Do an independent film. My preference would be feature length but if the script is good, it could be any length.

5. Make $100,000 acting. It is also a business and rent is due each month.

*I’m open for these to adjust/change. For example, my career goal is to be a series regular on a TV comedy so if that is in store for 2020, then perfect!

Now comes the plan/strategies to help the dreams become a reality.

- Show up. Always. Even when you’re tired or traffic is bad. Always show up.

- Be a nice person. Be kind even when it is hard.

- Foster relationships with casting directors. Keep them up to date. Snail mail is more effective sometimes than email these days.

- Be off book for auditions. I work better when I’m not down in my script. I know this about myself. It is work. Hard work. Late night tedious work. It needs to be done.

- Submit myself for projects that I want to be a part of.

- Believe that all of this is possible. Because it is. People are doing it all the time!

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