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Top 50: An Actor's Bucket List

Updated: Sep 10

I thought at the beginning of 2021 it would be fun to create a top 50 bucket list of things I'd love to accomplish in my lifetime. Some of these are related to my career while others are completely random and just amazing things to dream about. I am going to preface this by saying this is a bucket list of a life that if anything and everything were possible this is what I would choose. Why would a bucket list be mundane and boring?? Let's get to it and start checking these off!

Not in any particular order. Just as they come to me.

  1. Become a father.

  2. Be a series regular on a TV Show.

  3. Own a house with an amazing garden.

  4. Be the lead in a studio feature film.

  5. Do something unspeakably kind. I trust I'll know when I've done it.

  6. Be on Broadway.

  7. Go camping at least once a year.

  8. Book a SAG Commercial.

  9. Write a screenplay.

  10. Produce a movie.

  11. Golf in Europe with my dad.

  12. Win the member/guest golf tournament with my dad.

  13. Rent a villa in South France for a month.

  14. See the Northern Lights.

  15. Play Augusta National Golf Course.

  16. Sleep in a tree house.

  17. Stay at an ice hotel.

  18. Work a season at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

  19. Sky Dive!

  20. Eat at a Five Star Restaurant.

  21. Drink beer at Oktoberfest.

  22. Work a season at a Shakespeare Festival.

  23. Try Standup Comedy.

  24. Surf a wave. A big wave.

  25. See Mark Rylance in a play live.

  26. SCUBA Dive.

  27. Shoot a movie internationally.

  28. Do a play in London's West End.

  29. Speak Three Languages.

  30. Ski the Swiss Alps.

  31. Try Heli-Skiing.

  32. Visit Ireland.

  33. Play Joseph Merrick - The Elephant Man.

  34. Eat in a pitch black restaurant.

  35. Try Jujitsu.

  36. Start a business.

  37. Fly first class.

  38. Plant a tree. Like a really big tree. And watch it grow year after year.

  39. Try Bungee Jumping.

  40. Make a viral video.

  41. Go on an African Safari.

  42. Live abroad for three months.

  43. Watch a meteor shower.

  44. Attend a silent retreat.

  45. Eat sushi in Japan. *BONUS - learn to make it.

  46. Cheer for the home team at an international soccer match.

  47. Arrive at an airport and take a random flight somewhere.

  48. Learn to shave without getting razor burn on my neck.

  49. Meditate every day for a year.

  50. See all Seven Wonders.

  51. Great Wall of China

  52. Petra

  53. Colosseum

  54. Chichen Itza

  55. Machu Picchu

  56. Taj Mahal

  57. Christ the Redeemer

  58. Great Pyramid of Giza (honorary status)

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